Saturday, 18 August 2012

Gadget Market : "Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish"

Being a consumer ourselves, we had also experienced many incidents such as buying cheap gadgets for our device (smartphone/tablet) which frequently end up getting spoilt or faulty within a short period of time or even worst, damaging our smart device. 

For that, many of us may prefer to invest more money into buying expensive or high priced accessories (to buy from our device manufacturer stores or insisting on original mobile phone brand accessories but at a very high price) to avoid complications.

Just to share our part of story, some of us and in fact, our friends here at GizmoCurve had even experienced buying a car charger up to 5 times and some even experienced their tablet or smartphone dysfunction, damaged, and even burned due to the poor quality and low grade components used. I can’t imagine their frustration and anger in such position but rest assured they were dealing with “penny- wise, pound –foolish” kind of situation. 

Instead of paying for a quality product brand, many rather settle for a cheaper option of poorer quality, in which many of these accessories products are made without the proper manufacturing processes. 

Getting bored of it? We ask ourselves,

- "Why are we still buying such low quality gadgets?”

-"Is it worth it to pay so much for a gadget which we know is extremely or over mark-up?"

- "Is there a place where I can equip myself and acquire the proper knowledge (facts) before purchasing a gadget instead of just trusting a sales talk?"

We as consumer do know that many gadgets in the market today are mostly made from low end cottage factory whereby it involves "Patching or screwing or assembling together components - MIX AND MATCH" of the parts from various suppliers in producing a finished end product without having a quality control team supervising the product’s quality, which is reality speaking NOT "MADE".  "MADE" products have a team of R&D, Quality Control, Product Testing and Manufacturing Process Control Management to ensure the final quality of the finished product.

Nevertheless, some "brand" or "trade name" gadgets are still sold at a high price but the main question remains...

- "Are there any other alternative source whereby we as consumer are able to purchase a gadget with some real premium quality up to par to the price we pay?"

Just a friendly share, energy storing based gadgets such as powerbank, generally has to be encapsulated correctly and properly via safety protections to avoid any harm to users. Being a gadget that stores energy from the process of recharging and discharging, it can be highly explosive in certain circumstances such as (low quality cell is used, no protections, bad casing design - bad encapsulation or no protective layer of cell inside the powerbank, low quality components used, etc). After understanding its characteristic and mechanism, now my question is "Is it worth it to take a risk with your own life without finding out more about the characteristic as mentioned above just to save a few bucks?"

In addition, with the proper support, warranty and education, it is viable to spend a bit more as long as it serve us best daily without damaging your smart device, in which is much better than buying the same gadget 5 times or even end up damaging and spoiling your device!!

Thus, this motivates us and to inform you that, GizmoCurve - "Your One Stop e-store for premium mobile accessories in Sync & Charge Cable, Car Charger, Wall Charger, Worldwide Charger and Powerbank" is now on-board to bring to you the best quality, reliable and most important of all, functional gadgets with the proper safety mechanism at a reasonable price for your devices. 

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