Thursday, 16 August 2012

Gadget Market : "Consumer's Concern and Today's Gadget Market"

At GizmoCurve, we know the concerns of being a consumer as we are also smart device consumer ourselves. With diverse opinions in the market, some in which could be misleading and inaccurate, we can easily be lured in to this false advertising. Since most of the handheld devices like iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets are purchased with our valuable money (above RM1,000 - RM2,500), we begin to realize that most of us are having a hard time finding a price-performance products to complement our device.

WHY? This is because :

- Almost the entire market is flooded with low quality gadgets and accessories made by cottage factories.
- Just simply too expensive to purchase from genuine manufacturer stores.

To date, we may be accessible to wide similar range of product in the market but aren’t we sick of buying the wrong gadgets which we initially thought was a correct buy due to the wrong information obtained? 

Commonly, consumers have the mindset that if ever their cheap car charger gets spoilt, it can easily be disposed and get a new one, its cheap anyway. In fact, many consumers today tend to neglect or overlook the importance of quality in gadget's or mobile accessories when purchasing. Consecutively, this put their device’s fate at stake. If they are lucky, these low quality gadgets would not affect their beloved expensive devices, but what if it backfires? Do you think it is worth your time to wait and see the expensive screen and motherboard inside your smart device get spoilt or damaged, due to the low quality of components used and absence of proper design for the safety protection of the gadgets? 

Furthermore, with the upcoming trend of certain gadgets such as powerbanks, without the double safety protection feature, we are all at risk that it may explode or fire disaster. As many tend to recharge their powerbanks at night, imagine that incident happen during the night when we are sleeping? By that time it will be too late for us to regret, what happen already happened, so why should we take such a risk? 

Thus, this is the reason for the birth of our e-store (, paired with our educative FAQ and Q&A blog (, we hope that the proper gadget, education and information can be channelled to everyone so that we all can become a wiser consumer, predominantly when selecting gadgets before making a purchase.

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